We currently run cancer retreat days which are aimed at anyone who has experienced cancer from diagnosis to post treatment and ‘recovery’ but also for family members who will also inevitably be affected.   We also offer retreats days for anyone suffering with any form of anxiety, low mood and who are looking to improve all round well-being.  We use the healing power of horses and mindfulness based activities to support clients.  We provide a nurturing, safe, yet challenging environment to facilitate a positive change in our clients.We don’t focus on ‘fixing’ the problem, but to empower you to overcome fears and life challenges.

This lays the foundation for you to fulfil your personal potential. As well as raising self-esteem and confidence, it helps you and your family come to terms with your situation and learn how to adapt.

How can a retreat day help me?


Follyfoot retreat days help you:

  • Build or re-build trust
  • Use mindfulness to be in the present moment
  • Take back control
  • Explore your recovery
  • Measure and improve your wellbeing.
What happens on a retreat day?

Our sessions are held in groups of up to ten people.  The session is run by Follyfoot’s owner, Sophie Morris who is a specialist in therapeutic horsemanship, together with a qualified therapist.  Your day runs from 10am to 4pm. Refreshments and a snack are available, but bring your own lunch.

The retreat includes:

  • an introduction to the herd
  • mindfulness and meditation exercises
  • getting ‘up close’ to a horse
  • relaxing and fun activities with the horse,
  • learning ‘horse’ language and building a lasting bond.

How do I book?

You can book by phoning us on 07828 705499 or by contacting us.

If you have any special dietary needs, please let us know when you book.

Sessions can be booked by an organisation or an individual and cost £120 per person.

Subsidised spaces may be available.

This information is available in pdf format here Cancer retreats information